USB Charge Warm Hand Treasure Cleaning
- Sep 19, 2017 -

1. Can use wet towel to dip a little detergent, in the warm hands of the outer layer of wiping, basic wipe clean, with a clean wet towel to wipe the detergent attached above, and then wipe with dry hair clean again, dry can be used, in the process of wiping with wet towel, must avoid the power interface.

2. Most warm hand-PO power connector has a closed lid, cover to avoid here, the power connector to pick up, with the palm of the hand to protect the piece, and then can be used with the washing liquid water gently scrub the other parts of the surface; without the lid, directly with the laptop at the Power interface, please help with a flexible brush brush clean on the line, Be sure to remember not to be too hard, and not to hit the wet power.

3. Can buy down on the market dry cleaning agent, sprayed in the warm hand bao outer cloth, after four or five minutes, first wipe with a wet towel, and then dry towel dry, put in the shade shade can, the same note, to avoid the power interface.

4. Cover the power connector with paper or cloth, then spray the foam cleanser evenly on the warm hand, and wipe it with a dry towel.