Iqos A Week Of Experience
- Dec 04, 2017 -

A few months ago I saw iqos, tried a lot of e-cigarettes before, the taste has been less acceptable, so I did not dare to start. Last week, I went to Tokyo for a business trip, and when I was returning home, I was sent to Narita airport for the driver to use iqos. I was feeling it. The mouthfeel was quite satisfactory and the taste was very much like barley tea. The driver buddy also smoked Marlboro light blue light taste, Asked who can buy this under the buddy, happened to be his friend is selling this, I think the time has also let him take a detour trip, get the hand is 2.4plus, unpacking tried charging, and pumping a few Root, after arriving at the airport, to this guy turned 1300 yuan RMB. At the airport at noon and bought six cigarette bombs, are Marlboro, heavy taste and light taste of the three, remember about 3,000 yen a bar, folded into almost 180 yuan RMB, after returning home check the price on Taobao, Regret less!


Almost a week now, smoked 78 boxes of smoke bombs, preferring light blue light taste, I am not addicted to smoking, usually every day a box of semi-ordinary cigarette backing, not recommended dark blue heavy taste, heavy I smoked taste two boxes, the total dry hair throat, always want to drink water, the taste is out, a little spicy voice, do not like it.

Occasionally began to use a small amount of smoke when the situation, and later discovered that the lamp does not last after the flash but also wait another five or six seconds, this time the taste and the amount of cigarettes just right.

Again, it is not recommended heating stick in the charging box when charging the rechargeable box, remember that the manual is so to say, easy to charge the heating bar bad.

Summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the last bar, first said the advantages:

1. Can completely replace ordinary cigarettes, I spent a week, basically pumping less than a box of ordinary cigarettes

2 no soot, and now my computer desk is very clean, do not rub every day, then there is no need to drive when driving the window.

3. No second-hand smoke, this is the common advantages of electronic cigarettes, my wife basically can not smell smoke on my side.

4. No open flame, do not bring a lighter, each time I get off to check whether the fire machine landed in the car, the consequences of the summer in the car to stay the fire we all know.

5. Low tar content, reportedly only one-tenth of that of regular cigarettes, not only smokers are relieved of nicotine addiction but also reduce the harm to the body.

Let's talk about disadvantages:

1. Expensive, iqos no ordinary cigarettes pumping a long time, but the price of cartridges than ordinary cigarettes expensive, X Bao on Marlboro pale tastes generally 330, 180 tax exemption, a lot of difference, but if you often go abroad, If you go to duty-free shopping, it will not be expensive, but you can only bring two for each person.

2. The total feeling of technology is not yet mature, take the amount of cigarettes, sometimes more and sometimes less, this is not very satisfied.

3. Often too much trouble cleaning, about a pack of cartridges will be cleaned once.

4. Aftermarket is a flawed, the domestic service outlets have not, if the repair is broken trouble.

Good IQOS accessory factory:

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