How To Use A Humidifier Healthy?
- Sep 19, 2017 -

1. Regular cleaning, humidifier used for a long time, there will be a variety of bacteria breeding, if not regularly clean, bacteria will enter into the air with water vapor, will cause certain harm to the human body.

2. Can not directly add water, water generally contains a lot of minerals, will cause damage to the humidifier and air pollution, the recommended use of purified water.

3. According to the weather, outdoor temperature adjustment humidifier humidity, if the air humid, you do not need to open the humidity.

4. Humidifier is not suitable for 24 hours of use, when the time to stop use, so that will not cause excessive truth.

5. In the home with diabetes, arthritis, as far as possible not to use, humidifier on these two groups of people have a greater impact.

6. Add some special material to the water, this is a good little trick, such as adding the wrong to sterilize, add salt water can soothe sore throat, add lemon essential oil can whiten, add lavender essential oil can improve the quality and so on.