Frequency Problem Of Wireless Microphone Frequency Break
- Sep 19, 2017 -

1. Just connect the cathode of the 9V battery with the battery shell, so that the transmitting antenna of the wireless microphone can be extended by the battery shell, which will increase the transmitting distance and prevent the frequency of breaking and running.

2. The negative end of the wireless microphone 9V battery is connected with a enameled wire to a tight spiral, fixed in the back of the wireless microphone tail tongue plate, the V segment is longer (in diameter 2.5MM goes around the end to the beginning), and the U segment is shorter (in diameter 4MM around the end flattening).

3. Hands-on ability to remove wireless microphones. Pull the tail out two inches. Exposed half an inch circuit board, find the launch tube position, in the 1P capacitor (or a few p capacitor and the smallest capacitor) to weld a wire around a tight spiral, fixed in the wireless microphone tail slot, the spiral diameter is about less than the width of the slot, compressed flat fixed in the groove.