Will Australia legalize electronic cigarettes?
- Jun 12, 2018 -

  The New Zealand District Court recently ruled in the case of "Philip Morris International v. Ministry of Health" that the tobacco products other than chewing and dissolving tobacco products could be legally sold under the "Smokeless Environment Law," ie they can be legally sold. Import and distribution of e-cigarettes and steam cigarettes, the New Zealand Ministry of Health has not appealed in this regard.



  This move means that New Zealand has legalized e-cigarette and steam tobacco products, and is consistent with e-cigarette policies in other countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States. Hansemi Oil understands that the New Zealand Ministry of Health plans to consider how best to implement proper risk management for all tobacco and electronic cigarette products. In Australia, electronic cigarettes and steam smoke are still illegal.

  Hansmet Oil learned from Dr. Attila Danko, MD, chief physician of Melbourne Hospital and director of New Zealand Electronic Cigarette Company Novavope, that large tobacco companies including Philip Morris International have introduced some electronic cigarettes to the market and " Heating does not burn" tobacco products.


  He said: "The Australian Labor Party tends to be skeptical about electronic cigarette products. The reality is that there are more and more innovative companies in the market for e-cigarette and steam smoke products. The current e-cigarette market framework is relatively independent and mature. of."

  Dr. Danke said that he believes that New Zealand’s decision will increase Australia’s pressure to establish a reasonable regulatory framework in Australia where the most dangerous product (cigarette) can be legally sold anywhere, but safer products (electronic and steam smoke) This is not the case.

  The Parliament of New South Wales, Australia, passed the legislation a few days ago, that is, the smoke-free environment amendment of 2018. The bill also includes e-cigarettes in the category of cigarettes. Brad Hazzard, director of the State Department of Health, said that, in short, the bill is in a place where smoking is not allowed and it cannot be smoked. e-cigarette.


  Hansemi Oil understands that the British Public Health (PHE) Department has a positive attitude towards e-cigarettes and “heated but non-burning” products, and there is compelling evidence that e-cigarette products have saved tens of thousands of people every year. life.

  Professor Colin Mendelsohn of the University of New South Wales recently published an article on e-cigarettes in the journal of internal medicine at the Royal College of Physicians of the Australian University. He said New Zealand’s e-cigarette legalization decision is “a victory for common sense. ".

  According to a study cited in this article, Hansemi oil learned that smokers who switch to e-cigarettes can significantly improve the risk of asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, blood pressure, cardiovascular health, lung function, and pneumonia.

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