Portable speaker Details
- Sep 19, 2017 -

Portable speakers, which are commonly known as portable small speakers, most of the use of sd/u disk, line in three kinds of audio source input, there are many will be paired with FM radio, remote control, and other functions, for the user's mobile performance requirements, most of the choice of passive design, the lithium-ion battery itself or the way the battery is convertible.

With the development of integrated chip and speaker loudspeaker unit, portable speakers do more and more small, life time is growing, domestic small speakers like to use bl-5c as a power supply scheme, and extend the development of the design of FM one-key search platform, lyrics sync display, touch screen, voice song and other rich functions, and has a mature voice song small speakers listed, Mandarin song accuracy is high, there is support for a few dialects of the song.