Philip Morris International announces the latest research results on IQOS, or will benefit its entry into the US market
- Aug 08, 2018 -

With the rapid development of the e-cigarette market, multinational tobacco companies generally regard the development of new tobacco products as a major strategic opportunity to promote their future development and give them a focused and determined investment. The tobacco giants of all countries are not satisfied with the market results that have been achieved so far. Continue to promote the expansion of new tobacco product capacity. Philip Morris International Tobacco is a good example.


In the past two years, heating and not burning new tobacco products suddenly fired. Especially in the first-tier cities such as Beishangguangshen and Shenzhen, many people are popularizing "IQOS". Compared with e-cigarettes, this kind of heating does not burn new tobacco products. The smoke is more concentrated, the taste is better, and second-hand smoke is rarely produced, which will not affect the surrounding people. Therefore, many young people use it as a must-have tool for cool toys or indoor consumption.

However, as the National Tobacco Monopoly Bureau put the heating of non-combustible tobacco products into the monopoly management category, many of the "smoke guns" of friends did not have rations. Originally, the so-called heated non-burning tobacco product is said to be "electronic cigarette", but in fact, it is still necessary to heat the cigarette to generate smoke. It's just that this cigarette is specially made, but it is not fundamentally different from traditional cigarettes.


It can be seen in the IQOS research report published by the company's official website that the company has studied the smoke exposure reaction of its smokeless tobacco products. The study continuously tracked the population bioreactivity of consumers six months after the replacement and use of the IQOS device, and compared the final results with those who continued to smoke. The results showed that after 6 months, the 8 bio-reactive indicators (mainly clinical risk indicators) were improved in people who switched to IQOS products. This is the company's latest research on its new products.


Philip Morris International wanted to enter the US market through IQOS, but it was rejected by the US Food and Drug Administration, saying that its products contained too much tobacco harmful ingredients and asked Philip Morris International to provide a risk assessment report for the product. Proof of potential hazards. The research report provided by Murphy International does not know whether the US Food and Drug Administration approves whether the IQOS products can flow into the US market, which may affect some US e-cigarette brands such as JUUL, V2, and Blu.

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