Philip Morris International Announces Active Research Results of IQOS
- Jun 28, 2018 -

Tobacco Online, according to the "Tobacco News" report compiled Philip Morris International recently announced that the company's most advanced smokeless product IQOS new clinical research has achieved positive results.

In a report published on its website, the company stated that exposure response studies (ERS) measured the biological response of people who switched to IQOS products for 6 months and compared it to those who continued smoking.

The results showed that eight biological response indicators (mainly clinical risk endpoints) were improved in people who switched to IQOS for 6 months.

For more than seven years, the Philip Morris International Scientific Assessment Program has strictly tested IQOS. The results show that using IQOS is likely to be less risky than continuing to use cigarettes. Numerous aerosol chemical and physical measurements show that the harmful components of the IQOS aerosol are on average 90-95% lower. These reduced emissions can reduce laboratory toxicity and reduce exposure in clinical studies.

ERS provides an important new aspect for Philip Morris International's research.

Frank Luedicke, chief medical officer at Philip Morris International, said: “These results are very encouraging. We believe that this research on IQOS is the first clinical study of this level and can directly assess the potential for risk reduction when switching to smokeless products. ”

Philip Morris International stated that it has submitted ERS results to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to supplement the large amount of evidence submitted to the agency, thereby supporting the company's upcoming approval of IQOS as an application for improving risky tobacco products.

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