Guards technology: IQOS Marlboro electronic cigarette!
- Dec 16, 2017 -

First introduce iQOS:

Philip Morris company officially changed its name to Altria Group, is the world's largest tobacco company, its well-known brand Marlboro (Marlboro) produced iqos electronic cigarette.


The latest technology. No open flame, no soot! High temperature generated by electric heating nicotine in tobacco cut out!

Unlike traditional cigarettes, Marlboro HeatSticks heats tobacco instead of burning tobacco, inserting Marlboro's specially developed e-cigarettes into iQOS devices and heating to get tobacco scent. No fire or ash, and no smoke "Unique odor.

iQOS will use tobacco to reduce smokers' dependence on traditional cigarette flavors. The product looks like a hollow pen. Smoke can be generated by inserting and heating the tobacco device. Philip Morris International said the temperature of the equipment was "far below" the temperature produced by traditional cigarettes.




Is not it tall?

More than half of all Japan sold out of stock ------ IQOS

Big brand

The world's largest tobacco brand, Marlboro company launched the product

2. All imports

E-cigarettes are made in Malaysia and the eggs are made in Italy. Regardless of workmanship, feel, or taste, all non-domestic cottage can create imitation!

3 without tar, with smoke

Nicotine content is only 1/10 of normal cigarettes, at the same time different from other electronic cigarettes completely without nicotine, there is no smoke. iqos both feel and taste are close to the real cigarette, with filters, smoke (actually water vapor). Satisfy the taste of smoke and can protect your health!

4. Heated non-traditional combustion

iqos heating temperature of 700 degrees, inside the cigarette holder, will not touch, unknown fire, will not cause burns. End of smoking eggs can be thrown into the trash directly, there will be no fire hazards, but will not burn the carpet, clothes and other issues appear. At the same time sucked out for the steam, haze meter results smoke powder is 0!

5. No second-hand smoke hazards

iqos smoke generated when the water vapor around the people can not smell. There are even some Japanese restaurants and Japanese companies that have even released restrictions on the population of iqos inhabitants.

Small size, feel good

Very compact, it is suitable for carrying, plus the size of the charge box and the same size of a packet of cigarettes. And the texture of the product is very good.

And the use of simple method:




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