Car Humidifier Daily Maintenance
- Sep 19, 2017 -

1. Change water frequently. Humidifier must often change water, in order to avoid water for a long time in the humidifier, causing pollution, breeding bacteria, endanger human health, humidifier to change water in general two or three minutes can be completed, not very troublesome.

2. Regular cleaning. Humidifier to regularly clean up, cleaning up when the main thing is to remove the dirt in the humidifier, the most basic method is to rinse with water, if it is difficult to rinse clean, can be gently scrub with small brush, or with vinegar bubble wash.

3. Clean and dry after cleaning. Humidifier is a kind of electrical appliances, after cleaning must be carefully wiped, and in the sun to dry, in order to avoid water residue, in the use of the process of burnout, the host, failure.