Swept Japan's IQOS electronic cigarette, tar-free, keep the true smoke habits and taste!
- Dec 06, 2017 -

Smoking you, the body okay?


The tar released during the burning of traditional tobacco has a special odor, which is flammable and corrosive.

Tar in carcinogens and carcinogens, can directly stimulate the trachea, bronchial mucosa, increased secretions, ciliary motility is inhibited, resulting in tracheobronchial inflammation;

Tar is inhaled into the lungs, resulting in enzymes, the alveolar wall damage, loss of elasticity, swelling, rupture, the formation of emphysema;

Tar adhesion in pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchial mucosal surface, accumulated too much time can induce abnormal cell proliferation, the formation of cancer.


Recommended people:

Worried that smoking affects health without stopping smoking;

The body is already red light suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and can not quit smoking;

There are babies and seniors at home;

Regular access to non-smoking public places such as hospitals or high-end restaurants;

There are people who can not stand the smell of tobacco.


Absolutely popular product, the terminator of paper cigarettes!

What iQOS come from?

iQOS producer Philip Morris, the world's largest tobacco company, officially changed its name to Altria Group in 2004. With more than 180 countries, Marlboro Marlboro, a well-known brand, should have heard about it Let's go.

iQOS is the famous Philip Morris group produced,Worth trying!

Traditional paper cigarettes are nicotine produced by the combustion of tobacco over 800 degrees Celsius and carry harmful carcinogens such as tar and carbon monoxide. People smoke mainly to absorb some of the flavor of tobacco nicotine and tobacco to meet the satisfaction, the main components of harmful to health come from the burning of tar and other substances.

The IQOS uses baking to heat the chip through the heating rod to 350 degrees and the temperature is evaporated smoke.

There is absolutely no smell, do not have to worry about the surrounding population and after smoking mouth, hands, clothing and other issues of smoking on the smoke.

Therefore, the IQOS tar has a very low tar content and is almost negligible compared to normal cigarette burn, with a 90% reduction in harmful carcinogens, but with the same mouthfeel and throat feel as real cigarettes, completely replacing Smoke!


Smoking more than a decade, the heart pressure actually big big

First, they worry about health problems

Second, the pressure from the family

This is an electronic cigarette


No tar, no secondhand smoke, no soot, no bad breath




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