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- Apr 02, 2018 -

  Under the baptism of modern scientific and technological power, tobacco has been burned for more than five centuries in modern civilization, producing a hint of anti-traditionalsigns, and tobacco products that no longer use open flameshave emerged, which is our theme today. --IQOS New Tobacco Products.

  IQOS is a very interesting product, because Xiao Bian did not understand IQOS these letters are what they mean...

  To make a joke, it's mainly interesting to use it. Since there are electronic devices, it should be considered as "electronic cigarette." Unlike e-cigarettes that are commonly known, however, it is not the use of atomized "smoke oil." Instead, it directly heats a sheet made of tobacco. From this point of view, IQOS is an absolute "tobacco product".

  It is called "new tobacco product" because it does not use the traditional tobacco "ignited" method of use, but uses electronic equipment for heating, the industry term "heat does not burn."

Therefore, we can define the next definition of IQOS as "a new type of tobacco product that uses heated non-combustion technology."

  Since it is a "tobacco product," the listing and sale in China must comply with the provisions of the Chinese monopoly law. IQOS has now entered countries such as Japan, Italy, South Korea, and Ukraine, but it has still not obtained a sales permit in the Chinese market. As a consumer, although temporarily unable to buy this product in the country, but here with Xiao Bian, first come to feel the impact of modern science and technology forces on traditional tobacco use habits and changes.


This is IQOS

  On the left side is a heating bar dedicated to IQOS, a white box on the right, and IQOS electronics, which are used in combination.


  These are the smoke bombs produced by the Marlboro Company specifically for IQSO.

As we all know, the burning of paper smoke will produce smoke tar, and at the same time it will produce more than 3,000 kinds of chemical substances. It will also lead to the occurrence of lung cancer, which can be described as terrifying and can cause great harm to the health of family members.

That iqos he did not have an open flame, smoke and odor are very small when pumping. And unlike the smell of cigarettes, outsiders smell like charred things. It has a small impact on people around us.


  The famous brand Marlboro believes everyone has heard of it. The company finally put IQOS into the market after a large number of smoking cessation user surveys and technical studies. At present, IQOS is only available in developed countries such as Italy, Japan and Russia, and is limited.

Having said so much, do you want to try it out?

Its smoke bomb is not tobacco, it is a special kind of paper. Marlboro extracted the ingredients from tobacco and soaked it with special paper. Made into a smoke bomb. When heated to 300 degrees, steam is formed by the hot bake principle. The key is that the steam contains nicotine you need, but it excludes other harmful substances.






Black and white 2 colors



Iqos test report



  Paper smoke test report

This shows that iqos is much less harmful than cigarettes




  This is the taste of the smoke bomb currently available for IQOS, or it is very much

How simple is it to use:

  The heater will automatically charge in the box. It takes about 3 minutes to fill it and insert the cartridge into the heater. You can start smoking after 15 to 20 seconds of warm-up. After throwing out the smoke bomb, the heater plugs into the box to continue charging. The battery capacity in the box is enough for your entire day's use needs. And it can be easily carried on the plane without shipping, carry it with you.

Having said so much, do you want to try it?


Introduce a company that produces iqos products as following: